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Red Sky Cafe Outer Banks Personal Chef Service

Welcome to your Outer Banks vacation! You’re here to surf, swim in the ocean, go fishing or boating, walk the beach searching for treasures, relax and read a book or watch the sunset with a tasty drink in hand. What you’re probably not here for is to plan and cook huge meals for the group you’re with! Are we right? So, let Red Sky’s Outer Banks personal chef service, Chefs on Call, do it for you! Our talented chefs and staff will create a menu to your specifications, cook, serve and clean up while you relax and enjoy the company of your vacation buddies.

Imagine not having to put up with the lengthy waits at most restaurants during the summer (some waits can be several hours long!). Instead, you gather on the deck of your Outer Banks vacation home enjoying appetizers and drinks while your main course is being prepared and presented casually inside. You’re surrounded by the people of your choice, not by lots of folks you don’t know. The timing is yours, the menu is yours and the effortless relaxation is yours. Just take it from some of our satisfied customers:

It was amazing! The food and presentation were great and Chory was a great sport about my Dad talking his ear off the whole time! Thanks so much – we loved it! Robin

Holly was delightful and we enjoyed everything she served from the shrimp appetizers to the coconut rice! We would certainly do it again next year! Anna

I wanted to tell you how absolutely pleased and happy we were about the choice of dinner and Chory. He was punctual and professional. He was very patient with our group as he was being questioned about the meal, the process, and the Outer Banks. Meanwhile, he prepared a fabulous dinner with apparent ease. It was hard to pick a favorite, but the three top contenders were the artichoke dip, the tuna, and the chicken. There were 10 out of 10 enthusiastic “yes” votes to repeat this wonderful experience next year! Dee

If you’d like to experience the ease and deliciousness of Red Sky’s Chefs on Call, give us a call or click the 'Schedule Us' button below.

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