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Red Sky: Tastefully Fit

Preparing delicious and tempting food has been a passion for Wes Stepp, owner and head chef at the Duck, NC restaurant Red Sky since he was a kid. But he has now stepped it up a notch with a focus on clean eating that also tastes great and a sensible exercise program. Wes developed Tastefully Fit to help both his friends and his restaurant diners become more conscious of the food they’re putting into their body. He describes it as a lifestyle change, not a diet, since this is the way we should be eating all the time, not just for a specific goal, and stresses that the change is not complicated. 

With Tastefully Fit, he encourages you to eat five to six small meals per day and to incorporate clean foods, not processed ones. These meals showcase foods in their more natural state, which preserves the nutritional benefits. Portion size is also key. For more information on the Tastefully Fit program, contact Red Sky.

Red Sky’s Tastefully Fit + Exercise

A tenant of the Tastefully Fit lifestyle is also exercise, with a healthy mix of cardio and strength training. Just as you listen to an expert in food, such as Wes, when making eating changes in your life, he encourages you to also enlist the help of a trainer if you want to make true changes in your body. This is true whether you’re pairing the Tastefully Fit food to help you create a bodybuilder’s physique or to simply lose some weight, feel better and develop a healthier lifestyle. 

Wes joined forces with certified nutritionists and expert body builders and trainers to create Tastefully Fit. He has a bevy of dedicated and passionate followers who attest to the incredibly positive changes in their lives and bodies since following the program. 

Locals know that Wes has taught his Tastefully Fit program to groups at All Saints Episcopal Church, during Taste of the Beach and regularly on the NBC channel’s Hampton Roads Show. If you would like to schedule Wes for a presentation on the Tastefully Fit lifestyle to your friends, company or group, contact our catering manager at or call (252) 261-8646.

Wes often partners with local experts to offer Tastefully Fit classes at Red Sky's sister restaurant, NC Coast Grill & Bar in Duck, NC. Click here to see if there are any classes scheduled there.