Red Sky Casual Dining & Cocktails

There is a new restaurant open in the Outer Banks, and today we got a chance to feature two great dishes from NC Coast Grill & Bar. Chef Wes Stepp stopped by to make Scottish salmon and flounder. (Jan. 15, 2020)
Chef Wes Stepp was inspired by overseas recipes, but used the ingredients in his own back yard to make two dishes from his two restaurants! (Dec 4, 2019)
We were in the kitchen today with Chef Wes Stepp who gave us a preview of his Thanksgiving buffet dishes. (Nov 6, 2019)
Chef Wes Stepp used berries and balsamic glaze to add to the flavor of fresh seafood. As usual each dish is prepared to maximize flavor and not calories! (Sep 18, 2019)
Chef Wes Stepp once again keeps it fresh and local with a seafood dish that blends tuna, clams and scallops with farmers market vegetables for a healthy and delicious dinner. (Aug 21, 2019)
We were in the kitchen today with Wes Stepp, chef and owner of the Red Sky Cafe. He made the flavors of an OBX Summer, using fresh, local-caught Red Snapper! (Jul 18, 2019)
Chef Wes Stepp from Red Sky Cafe made the ride up from Duck, North Carolina Wednesday morning to join us in the kitchen. He made a vegan and vegetarian-friendly feast that’s perfect for summertime and the beach! (Jun 19, 2019)
Chef Wes Stepp from Red Sky Cafe in Duck, North Carolina joined us in the kitchen to preview his Game of Thrones inspired feast. It got a little silly with a goofy spoiler involving bells, a dragon and fire. (May 15, 2019)
We are just a couple days away from Easter and now is a great time to enjoy the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We had Chef Wes Stepp from Red Sky Cafe in our kitchen to give us a small preview of his very popular Easter Brunch menu. (Apr 17, 2019)
It’s time to think spring and getting back into the bathing suit! Chef Wes Stepp from Red Sky Cafe came into out kitchen and showed us some fresh seafood and veggie combos from his Tastefully Fit lineup and he also helped preview the upcoming OBX Taste of the Beach. (Mar 6, 2019)
From quick comfort food like lobster mac-n-cheese to an applause worth au poivre, Chef Wes Stepp will romance your pallette with his Valentines menu. (Feb 6, 2019)
Chef West Stepp presented meatballs, shrimp and grits tacos and nachos in two ways. One recipe will please those who have decided the big game will be a “cheat day,” and another for those who want to stick to their healthy eating plan. (Jan 23, 2019)
Chef Wes Stepp proved once again that eating healthy still means eating deliciously. Today he took a page out of his book “Tastefully Fit,” and prepared something satisfying that would still satisfy all the requirements of a low fat, high nutrient meal. (Jan 2, 2019)
It was all about seafood in The Hampton Roads Show kitchen on Wednesday! Chef Wes Stepp from Red Sky Cafe in Duck, North Carolina joined us to help celebrate oyster season. (Dec 12, 2018)
The holidays are here! They really know how to throw a spread at Red Sky Cafe down in Duck, North Carolina. Chef Wes Stepp featured a local favorite shrimp and grits… two ways! (Nov 19, 2018)
We took a walk on the wild side in our kitchen today! Chef Wes Stepp from Red Sky Cafe was game for a little wild game. He prepared a delicious Venison, Oysters and spicy Carolina Frog Legs. (Oct 24, 2018)